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      Application of molybdenum in the field of Agriculture

        The amount of molybdenum in agriculture is very small, mainly in the form of molybdate is added to the fertilizer. Trace amounts of molybdenum can stimulateplant growth, nitrogen metabolism in plant, and nitrogenase component, so theleguminous plants have special needs of molybdenum. Tests confirmed,molybdenum fertilizer on soybean, peanut, bean, mung beans and other legumesand green manure crops, such as milk vetch, alfalfa, vetch, rice yield increased significantly. Applied trace molybdenum fertilizer could increase soybean yield of 6% ~ 36%, 5% ~ 27% peanut yield, milk vetch increased by 6% ~ 42%, rice yield by 20% ~ 25%. In addition, also can be used for the treatment of bean seeds,prevent pest of seeds.