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      Effect of molybdenum in the human body

       Molybdenum is an important trace element for organism, is composed of 3 kinds of mammalian metallothionein part. In the biological oxidation of molybdenum,mainly between pentavalent and six valence molybdenum transformation, playsthe function of electron transport, has a close relationship with the organism cell respiration, nuclear protein metabolism. 

      Involved in carbohydrate, fat, vitamin of molybdenum in the metabolism of the body, is part of a variety of enzymes, can promote the development, the prevention of anemia, dental caries; common effects of molybdenum and fluoride can increase bone density, increase the content of calcium and magnesium,prevent kidney stones, Kashin Beck disease; molybdenum can block thesynthesis of carcinogens nitrosamines in the human body, thereby inhibitinggastric cancer; molybdenum to protect the normal cell genetic factor not subject to carcinogen interference; molybdenum can reduce the carcinogens in the human body's absorption and accelerate the excretion. 