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      ABOUT US

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      Nanjing Kehai metals Co., Ltd also known as JK Metals Limited is a competitive company engaged in refractory metals, alloys and chemicals. Products cover tungsten , molybdenum , tantalum , niobium , rhenium , chromium, titanium and their alloys and chemicals etc . Mainly serve in high temperature alloys , corrosion resistant alloys , automobile , shipbuilding , electronic information and other advanced industry . The company pursues Kehai quality , trustworthy service concept , to provide long-term stability of products and service . Look forward to working with you hand in hand and creating a better future !



    3. Company name: Nanjing Kehai Metals Co., Ltd.
    4. Contact person: Mr. Feng
    5. PHONE:025-87702680 .
    6. Email:info@njkehai.com
    7. Address:6-809 Mingfa Business Plaza, No.99 Yulan Road, Nanjing 210012, P.R.China

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      • Tantalum pent
      • Niobium rod
      • Molybdenum di
      • molybdenum sc
      • tungsten heav
      • tungsten punc
      • tungsten soli
      • Ni alloy forg
      • WRe target
      • Ni alloy